We are a car rental company located in San Francisco, California. Donec venenatis, turpis vel hendrerit interdum, dui ligula ultricies purus, sed posuere libero dui id orci. Nam congue, pede vitae dapibus aliquet, elit magna vulputate arcu, vel tempus metus leo non est. Etiam sit amet lectus quis est congue mollis.[/rentify_preamble][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][rentify_about_offer_wrapper image_align= »left » heading_title= »WE OFFER » image_id= »2181″][rentify_about_offer_list font_awesome_icon= »fa-check » offer_name= » Short & Long term car rent »][rentify_about_offer_list font_awesome_icon= »fa-check » offer_name= »Emergency road assistance 24/7″][rentify_about_offer_list font_awesome_icon= »fa-check » offer_name= »Exclusive car rentf »][rentify_about_offer_list font_awesome_icon= »fa-check » offer_name= » Affordable prices »][rentify_about_offer_list font_awesome_icon= »fa-check » offer_name= »Car delivery to your location »][rentify_about_offer_list font_awesome_icon= »fa-check » offer_name= »On-call car services »][rentify_about_offer_list font_awesome_icon= »fa-check » offer_name= »Additional accessories »][/rentify_about_offer_wrapper][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][rentify_about_offer_wrapper image_align= »right » heading_title= »BENEFITS OF RENTIFY » image_id= »2182″ bg_color= »#ffffff »][rentify_about_offer_list font_awesome_icon= »fa-check » offer_name= »Good ratio of price & quality »][rentify_about_offer_list font_awesome_icon= »fa-check » offer_name= »Constantly maintained vehicles »][rentify_about_offer_list font_awesome_icon= »fa-check » offer_name= »Trustworthy customer support »][rentify_about_offer_list font_awesome_icon= »fa-check » offer_name= »Unlimited mileage »][rentify_about_offer_list font_awesome_icon= »fa-check » offer_name= » CASCO & Civilian insurance included »][rentify_about_offer_list font_awesome_icon= »fa-check » offer_name= »Modern Fleet »][rentify_about_offer_list font_awesome_icon= »fa-check » offer_name= » Satisfied Customers Only »][/rentify_about_offer_wrapper][/vc_column][/vc_row]